We have experience in design and development of front end and back end sides of high impact software projects and setting the standard with best practices for other developers
to collaborate better with each other.

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The Web Gurus LLC is a full stack Web, Mobile and Desktop development application team with experience in Desktop IT support for Windows and MacOS

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Blockchain Development

The Blockchain development team consist of experienced and skilled professionals who know all the ins and outs of their craft. We have a team lead who who’s responsible for deciding how things get done, Who formulates project goals and objectives, Who sets the environments and serves as the main point of contact between the stakeholders and the team

Mobile Application Development

Android and iOS development team processes the finished UI/UX layouts and implement them all in a real application. Our team members have the experience in working with a platform of choice and its languages: Java/Kotlin for Android. Objective-C/Swift for iOS. Fluter, React native for Hybrid Applications that runs on both iOS and Android with a single code base.

Web Application Development

We have a special plan for successful large-scale Web Application projects. our plan is implemented by the CMS Dev team consisting of Digital Strategist,Content Strategist, User Experience Architect,Technical Architect, User Experience Designer, Front End Developer,Digital Marketer and a Project Manager